Cosmetic Sales Agency

CSA is an independant beauty agency based near Antwerp, representing cult beauty brands from Europe and overseas.
Our highly curated selection of beauty products includes skin care, hair care, perfume and lifestyle items.
All cult beauty brands represented by CSA are distributed through our network of top notch retailers in Belgium and Luxembourg with a main focus on quality and sustainability.

With our showroom/office in between Antwerp and Brussels, CSA is within easy reach for all retailers in the region.


The ultimate intersection of art, ethics and natural science ... .
Following a failed search for a natural perfume that was chic, modern and long lasting.
Abel was founded in Amsterdam by New Zealander Frances Shoemack with a simple goal - to create the world’s best natural perfume.
Created using 100% natural ingredients, Abel's living fragrances evolve to a unique dynamic on the skin of every individual.
Working with the latest natural science & naturally derived single aroma compounds means dynamic, intimate natural fragrances that last all day on your skin.


Marie-Stella-Maris is a Dutch lifestyle brand with a social mission;  clean water for everyone, everywhere. 
Marie-Stella-Maris contributes by selling natural mineral water and luxurious care products.
From every item sold, we donate to water projects all over the world.

Verso Skincare

VERSO revolutionised the future of retinol with their signature ‘Retinol 8 Complex’. 8 times more effective than typical retinol in the same dosage, this phenomenal range harnesses all the collagen-boosting, wrinkle plumping, skin-rejuvenating benefits of Vitamin A, in a potent concentration in which they have virtually eradicated the risk of irritation.
By training cells to mimic the behaviour of younger skin, you will quickly see a vast improvement in your skin’s luminosity and texture, as well as a dramatic decrease in the depth and visibility of lines.
Named after the latin for ‘reverse’, and housed in exquisite, award-winning packaging, VERSO have made anti-ageing as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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